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2013-2014 Budget

As we begin our new fiscal year, our first priority must be giving our tithes to the local church. Many of you have been faithful tithers to the church. Let me say thank you for your obedience and generosity, which has helped make Calvary the church it is today. Others of you have been giving, but have never crossed the threshold of tithing as a spiritual discipline. I encourage you to make a step of obedience in the coming year. I promise you what the Bible says will be true. God will “throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it” (Mal. 3.10).  Others of you have never had the joy of supporting the church financially.  I ask you to become a partner who regularly supports the work of this local ministry.

We have big goals ahead of us. Meeting our church budget is a basic responsibility which allows us to call, equip, and resource our staff for ministry. (It allows us to keep the doors open, maintain our facilities, and provide us a place to meet and tools to use as we perform the ministry of the local church.) It gives us opportunity not only to reach out into the community, but to share Jesus around the world. Finally, it gives us a tangible way to express our faith and love for Jesus Christ.

Our budget is a call to action. It is my desire for you to understand that this ministry funding plan is a visible record of our trust in God to provide for the needs of His church.  Take the action of generous giving. Give out of obedience and thanksgiving, but also out of trust in God that He provides for you, and He will provide for His church through you.  I join you in faith as we look to the future together.

Dr. Rob Peters

2012-2013 TO 2013-2014

Tithes & Offerings, 2012-13 $8,600,000
Health Insurance, Retirement, Continuing Education, and Other Benefits 227,794
Merit Raises 99,127
Support for Missions and Partner Agencies 70,000
Internships 74,719
Ministry Increases 28,360
Tithes & Offerings, 2013-14 $9,100,000
Day School: Budgeted enrollment 525 (530 currently enrolled); Guy Hipp continues as Interim Head of School; Net reduction in the work force of 3 positions; Health insurance increases covered for employees  

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