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Pastor Search Committee

To contact our committee, please email pastorsearch@calvarynow.com

  Matt Alspaugh
Age 33 | Member since 1986
Katie (Wife); Jacob (4), Luke (1)
Involvement: Deacon, Finance Committee, Baptism Committee, Bible Fellowship Teacher, Community Serve
  Julie Barney
Age 42 | Member since 2003
Kent (Husband); Morgan (15), McCall (13), Emerson (8)
Involvement: Community Serve, Prayer Ministry, Mission Trips, Nominating Committee, VBS Worker, Exalt Sponsor, God Encounters Prayer Team, Missions Committee, Bible Fellowship Teacher, Junior High Camp Nurse, Elevate Coffee Server
  Patti Cotten
Age 51 | Member since 1997
Stan (Husband); Annie (17), Jessie (14)
Involvement: Bible Fellowship Teacher, Personnel Committee, Growth/Planning/Property Acquisition Committee, Planned Giving Committee, Day School Committee
  Lanny Farmer
Age 65 | Member since 1972
Mary (Wife); 2 grown daughters; 4 grandchildren
Involvement: Deacon (Chairman), Building Committee, Day School Committee, Community Serve, Prayer Wall, Senior/Junior High Camp Cook, Missions Committee, Membership Committee, Pastoral Transition Committee, Mission Trips, Construction Projects
  Fred Kremkau - Chairman
Age 71 | Member since 1995
Lil (Wife); 1 grown son
Involvement: Deacon (Chairman), Prayer Wall, Bible Fellowship Teacher and Director, Community Serve, Mission Trips, CEI Leader
  Chuck Peters
Age 76 | Member since 1973
Wife deceased, 4 grown children, 8 grandchildren
Involvement: Deacon (Chairman), Bible Fellowship Teacher, Adult Choir, Evangelism, CEI Leader, Mission Trips, Missions Office Volunteer, Missions Committee, Transportation Committee, Steering Committee, Personnel Committee, Pastoral Transition Committee
  Rick Reed - Vice Chairman
Age 56 | Member since 1978
Suzanne (Wife); 3 grown daughters, 2 grandchildren
Involvement: Deacon (Chairman), Missions Committee, Bible Fellowship Teacher, Adult Choir, Children's Choir Worker, CEI Leader, Evangelism, Mission Trips, Pastoral Transition Committee
  Kathy Temple
Age 51 | Member since 1993
Tom (Husband); 1 grown son, 2 grandchildren
Involvement: Bible Fellowship Teacher, Elevate Usher, Community Serve, Senior/Junior High Camp Counselor, Prayer Ministry Team, Nominating Committee, Day School Committee, World Changers Counselor/Sponsor, VG Sponsor, Pastoral Transition Committee
  Sam Turner
Age 32 | Member since 2001
Kristen (Wife); Hannah (4), Caroline (1)
Involvement: Deacon, Choir, West Campus Vocal Team
  Christine Wall
Age 43 | Member since 2002
Brad (Husband); Mattie (12), John (8)
Involvement: Forest Park Volunteer (Champion), Communion Committee Chair, Mission Friends Leader, Day School Committee, VBS worker, ESL Ministry, Preschool Bible Fellowship Teacher