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Welcome Dr. Rob Peters

Dr. Rob Peters of Weston Florida has been selected to serve as Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Winston Salem, North Carolina effective June 16, 2013. 

Rob Peters was born in Augusta County, VA, in 1968 to Robert and Betty Peters. He has two sisters, Jenni and Julie. As a boy, he loved sports, the outdoors, and church.  At 10 years old in First Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN, Rob prayed to receive Christ and followed the Lord in baptism.  Rob was very involved in the church participating in children’s ministry and choir, youth group, student choir, and mission trips. 

On a student mission trip to Michigan, Rob shared Christ for the first time with another ten year old boy named Jason. He saw Jason come to faith in Christ and witnessed his baptism. For the first time, he considered what it might be like to be a pastor. 

Rob became distracted from God’s obvious call to ministry during his college years. He was more interested in succeeding as a business person. He worked for Deloitte and Touché while completing his accounting degree at Tennessee Tech University. He worked in Chattanooga, Atlanta, and, eventually, in Chicago. While in college, he returned to his home church one summer to work with the church pastor, Dr. Gene Mims. God again began to call him to ministry. This time, God’s calling was clear and overwhelming. After seeking the counsel of his pastor and being mentored by the Associate Pastor, Allan Duncan, Rob surrendered to full time Christian ministry one Sunday morning in 1990.  

Rob completed his accounting degree and immediately enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While at Southwestern, he worked for the accounting firm Ernst and Young for two years and attended Sagamore Hills Baptist Church, serving in a variety of leadership positions. After receiving a challenge from Dr. Roy Fish to pray for God to do something only He could do, Rob prayed that God would open a door for him to work for the new pastor, Dr. O. S. Hawkins, First Baptist Church Dallas, TX. God miraculously opened that door, and, by the following semester, Rob assumed the position of Associate to Senior Pastor at FBC Dallas; a position he held for the next two years. 

While preaching one evening at FBC Dallas, a NAMB church planting specialist approached Rob about planting a church in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. He graduated from seminary, left Dallas, and moved to Cumming, GA, to begin the core group development process of what would become Lakeland Baptist Church. 

When he returned to Georgia, he was reintroduced to Wendy when he accepted an invitation to preach at FBC, LaGrange. Rob met Wendy five years earlier at a Christian camp. It was not until he moved to Atlanta that their relationship grew. Rob and Wendy began to get reacquainted as he settled into the work of planting a church and Wendy began her career as a teacher. One year later, Rob and Wendy were married on June 28, 1997, and settled into their Suwannee, GA, home. Together they began the hard work of planting a church. Lakeland Baptist Church grew and matured for the five years Rob was there. The church purchased property, located onto the property, and is still a thriving church in Forsyth County, GA. 

In January of 2000, sensing God’s call to leave their comfortable surroundings, Rob and Wendy moved to Weston, FL, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, to serve as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church. The church began ten years earlier as a promising church plant; but, never reached its full potential. Rob, as a solo pastor along with Wendy, began the work of church revitalization with approximately 300 attenders. God did an amazing work at Weston, as thousands of people came to faith in Christ and over 1,200 followed Him in baptism. The church grew from 300 to more than 1,100 in regular attendance. Today, the church has seven executive staff members, four directors, and 95 employees in its church and school. FBCW has members from more than 60 different nations and has developed many strategic missions partnerships around the world.

In December of 2001, Rob completed his Doctorate of Ministry at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

Rob and Wendy are the proud parents of three children. Anna Grace is eleven and enjoys playing volleyball, her friends, and traveling. John is seven and loves all sports, especially baseball, and is a cub scout. Liam is 18 months old and is always the center of attention. Rob and Wendy enjoy quiet times at home together with their family, traveling, and reading. Rob also likes trap shooting, golfing, and fly fishing.