Facilities Update

As a deacon body, we believe the best way to focus on Calvary’s congregational health at this time is to not proceed with Modified Phase 1 of the Master Facility Plan.  We believe it is critical that our Calvary health be addressed before pursuing a major facility project.  The Deacons voted to approve this as a recommendation to the church.  This recommendation will require a church vote, since the congregation previously voted to move forward with the building project.

Please know that we are committed to honoring the Lord as we move forward to promote a healthier Calvary.  In modeling that commitment, we are open to addressing your questions, concerns and/or comments as we move forward, and we want you to know we value your opinion and membership within our body.

Q&A sessions | Dining Room B, Calvary Peace Haven
Wednesday, October 3 at 6:30p
Sunday, October 7 at 4:00p

Family Conference | Vote on the Deacon recommendation
Sunday, October 14 in each of our morning services

Deacon Letter