There are five motions being presented for church vote in our Sunday, October 25 Family Conference. These are listed below.

  1. 2021-2023 Deacons
  2. 2021 Church Committee Members
  3. 2021 Bible Fellowship and Home Group Leaders
  4. Membership Additions: Individuals requesting to be voted into membership of Calvary Baptist Church.
  5. Membership Losses: Individuals requesting to transfer their membership to another church or simply removing their membership from Calvary Baptist Church.

Full information on these motions will be available 10.13.20


  • Voting is open October 25 from 11:30a to 5:00p (EST)
  • Only votes by church members will be counted.
  • Only one vote per member will be counted.
  • Individuals who vote multiple times will have only their last vote counted.
  • Each member must vote individually.

NOTE: Contact information is required to cast your vote. This information is required solely to confirm your church membership. The individual votes are kept confidential.