10 years ago, my family and I landed in America, starting a new chapter of our lives. In the previous chapter, there was a place called the refugee camp where I was born. Risking everything my parents took a leap of faith to come to a foreign country where they have no knowledge or understanding. The new chapter brought us feelings of a strange, fear and, excitement. Looking back, there’s a lot to remember but the most special ones are the from Calvary Baptist Church. I couldn’t speak English, but the people gave me a smile. I couldn’t tell them my needs but they already know and provided beds, TVs, and clothes. I couldn’t say thank you to them but they knew and gave their love back instead. Through their actions of love, Calvary provided a home where refugees like me are welcomed. Where we can pray and worship without fear of persecution. To me, the most important thing that Calvary did for me was sharing the Gospel to me. Not only to me but to many Karenni. As we became Christ-followers, Karenni in Winston-Salem was able to grow into a community, forming our youth, New Start. But we didn’t stop within our community. We went on to share the Gospel and show Christ’s love to other Karenni people in other states. As we share and go out to make Christ Known, Calvary helped in tremendous ways. They provided financial support and prayers. I am so grateful for what Calvary has done for the Karenni, my family, and me. Words can not describe the amazing ways God has used Calvary.