UPDATE for Thursday, February 20

All evening activities have been cancelled.



If there are conditions affecting travel, a decision regarding church services will be announced by 7:00a.

There will be a limited service for selected venues.

Other services (Sunday and Wednesday nights) will be announced as soon as decisions are made – at least one hour before scheduled activities.


We will use email, social media, push notifications (thru CalvaryNow app), and phone trees where possible to communicate and post on local media.

Check SOCIAL MEDIA first- FacebookInstagram, or tune to WXII-TV, WFMY-TV, WBFJ-Radio, or call 765.5542.

In the event of a severe ice storm, we will cancel services completely; but, only after staff evaluate safety concerns to determine if roads and walkways are unsafe.

In the event of an area power outage, we will only use our CalvaryNow app and use Push Notifications to be the most energy efficient. Please make sure you have downloaded our app, and have allowed for push notifications.