I grew up in a Methodist church.

I never heard a gospel presentation before I attended Calvary Baptist Church.

A supervisor was sharing his testimony at work with an employee and I overheard his presentation.  After he finished sharing, I asked him how I could know that I was saved.

He told me if I confessed my sins and received Christ by faith, I would be saved.  He shared the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus with me. By faith, I received Christ.

Janice and I visited Calvary church, then joined the church.  We went through the new members class. 

Dr. Corts took me into his office and asked me when was I saved?   He told me I would learn how to share my faith and testimony through his evangelism share life program. 

Janice and I went through his evangelism class as a trainee.  After being trained, we trained others.

Below are Dr. Corts’ steps for sharing the gospel:

  1. Look for common interest so you can build a repore with them
  2. Bridge over to their religious background to see where they are spiritually.
  3. Ask qualifying questions to determine if they are a Christian.  If they do not qualify as a Christian, ask them if you can share what the Bible teaches about God’s love, man’s sin and sin’s penality.
  4. If yes, we would use scripture from the Bible or a Four Spiritual Laws             

Book from Campus Crusade for Christ.

  1.  God’s Love
  2.   Man’s Sin
  3.  Jesus – God’s only provision
  4. Receiving Christ
  5. Ask if they would like to pray and receive Christ into their heart.
  6. If they did pray, share scripture for assurance.

Examples of sharing the gospel:

Through friendship evangelism –

  1. At work God gave me an opportunity to share with three different people from work to train through the share life program and many more members at Calvary.
  2.   Just a few of many examples:
    •   lead a person to the Lord on the football field at West.
    •   lead a person to the Lord from the Children’s Home and he ended up at Calvary and I trained him in evangelism.
    • A friend and I, in Charlotte, gave our testimony to a person and he received Christ.