Too many times, people experience life as a grouping of separated pieces. The pieces themselves don’t always work well…and they feel disconnected. What if you could discover a life that is more connected?

  • More connected to the people you love.
  • More connected to your purpose in life.
  • More connected to your Creator.

Pursuing the truly connected life is at the heart of why we exist at Calvary. Together, we’re learning what it means to connect with God, through Jesus, with each other through relationships, and with our purpose in the world.

And when we do…we find that the connected life is simply a better way to live.


Connect Out

How will you CONNECT OUT to others through service?

ENGAE TWO: In the church lobbies are Life Connected cards with service times for most of our venues. Grab a few cards and keep them with you. As you invite a friend, give them one of the cards! Get creative and be intentional about building a relationship with your neighbors, coworkers, and someone new.

Serve Now

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Connect In

Where will you CONNECT IN to community through discipleship?

Discipleship Classes

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Connect Up

When will you CONNECT UP to God through worship?

Attend a worship service Sunday morning as Pastor Rob walks through a new series. Many of us search for happiness, yet God offers us something greater: joy. Over the next few months, Pastor Rob will teach from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Through this study, we can each learn what it means to be joyful, no matter the season or circumstance.

NEXT STEP:  Are you interested in being baptized? Contact Pastor Don Schmidt for more information and to schedule your baptism (336.714.5422.)