Calvary has a unique identity, a unique history and a unique vision that we know God is calling us to embrace.

We know that we live in a broken world and we are all broken people. And just as Jesus Christ has reached into each of our lives and spoken His peace into our hearts, we are now called to reach into the world and speak His peace into the lives of others.

Given this high calling and unique vision, we are passionate about connecting out to others, connecting them in to the church for meaningful relationships, and ultimately help connect them up to God through Christ.

At Calvary it is our desire to connect with you, so that you, too, can become a part of Connecting People to Christ and Community.


What we are doing. 

Connecting People to Christ and Community


The reason we do what we do.

God’s truth over my opinion

We recognize that the truth of God’s word is ultimate as it guides us to accomplish His vision for us.

Life transformation over more information

While learning and gaining knowledge are keys to spiritual growth, if it is not accompanied by life transformation, then God’s mission cannot be accomplished.

God’s mission over my preference

God’s mission drives us to engage a culture in need of hope and acceptance. Through the Gospel, we are able to focus on the larger picture of God’s mission.

Lifestyle worship over Sunday experience

We seek to live a lifestyle of worship on a daily basis, not just on Sunday.

All generations over my generation

When we value all generations, we are stronger and able to see the value that each generation brings to accomplishing God’s vision.

Generous living over ordinary giving

We seek to be generous with all that God has given us, not just our finances. Through our time and talents, God’s mission is furthered.


The rhythm of what we do.

Connect Out

Connecting out to others through service

Connect In

Connecting into community through discipleship

Connect Up

Connecting up to God through worship


The outcome of what we do.

• Am I engaging others who are not like me?

• Am I sharing my story with someone this week?

• Am I taking my next step of spiritual maturity?

• Am I being transformed through community?

• Am I worshipping God daily?

• Am I being generous with all that I have?