“So guard yourselves and God’s people. Feed and shepherd God’s flock—his church, purchased with his own blood—over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you as leaders.” Acts 20:28

As we enter this season of prayer for our next pastor, the desire is to share information that is relevant to this search so that, as a church body, we can together, seek God’s wisdom in this process.


Pastor Search Team

Mission Statement

The mission of Calvary’s Pastor Search Team is to prayerfully and strategically search for candidates for the Office of Senior Pastor, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, seek to discern God’s will and present to the church family a senior pastor candidate who will shepherd Calvary in continuing to live out its mission of Connecting People to Christ and Community.

Romans 12:1-2

Jason Brittingham

Age: 43
Member Since: 2003
Family: Jennifer (wife), Jonah (14), Jana (11), Josiah (5)
Involvement: Adult BF Teacher, Deacon (Secretary, Nominating Committee), Prayer Partner, Day School Committee, Reach Forward Together Children’s Stewardship Coordinator, Love Winston-Salem Champion, Men’s Bible Study Leader, CEI teacher, 10 Initiative Team

Joyce Carson

Age: 55
Member Since: 2012
Family: Ben (husband), Benjamin (23), Joshua (1997–2015), Nathaniel (17)
Involvement: Preschool BF Teacher, VBS/Kids Camp, Children’s Choir, VG/Student Ministries, BF Small Group Leader, Prayer Partner

Alan Cole

Age: 70
Member Since: 1998
Family: Patti (wife), 3 grown children, 3 grandchildren
Involvement: Adult BF Teacher, Deacon, Missions Committee, Personnel Committee, Vision Pathway Team, Business Missions to Ukraine

Emma Denny

Age: 33
Member Since: 2010
Family: David (husband), Aleah (8)
Involvement: Adult BF Co-Leader, Women’s Bible Study Leader, Healthcare Initiative Member, Service Committee, Children’s Choir, Exalt Middle School Choir Sponsor, Adult Choir Member

Anna Mitchell

Age: 37
Member Since: 2016
Family: Michael (husband), Caroline (10), Charlie (7), Sidney (5), Maggie (2)
Involvement: Calvary West KidsMin, Adult BF Group Coordinator

Ruth Moore

Age: 64
Member Since: 1971
Family: Stan (husband), 4 grown children, 3 grandchildren
Involvement: Personnel Committee, Day School Committee, First Grade BF Teacher, FROG (Calvary Southside), Preschool BF Teacher, Mission Friends, AWANA

Brad Stroud

Age: 42
Member Since: 2009
Family: Annie (wife), Carden (10), Carsyn (7), Weston (3)
Involvement: Deacon, Calvary West Adult BF Leader, Preschool Worker, First Impressions Team Member

Tom Temple

Age: 59
Member Since: 1993
Family: Kathy (wife), 1 grown son and 3 grandsons
Involvement: Student Ministry BF Teacher, VG Sponsor, Deacon, Vision Pathway Team, Day School Committee (Chairman), Recreation Committee

Steve Ware

Age: 70
Member Since: 2003
Family: Becky (wife), 2 grown daughters, 1 grandson
Involvement: Ordained SBC Minister, FROG, ESL Mentor, Recreation Committee, Baptismal Committee, Starting Point Facilitator, Marriage Mentor, Calvary Day School Bible Teacher and Substitute Teacher