There is so much going on in our community and our nation, and the brokenness and disunity that surrounds us has never been more evident. At times like these, more than ever, those who follow Christ are called to humble ourselves, seek God, and seek the welfare of our land. (Jeremiah 29:7) 

Prayer is not the only thing we should do leading into this election, but it is the first thing and the main thing. So let’s join with other Southern Baptist churches, in obedience to the Scriptures and with great hope in the promises of God, in praying for our people, for our leaders, and for God’s mission. Most of all, let’s pray for an awakening to the gospel that would bring healing, righteousness, and salvation at all levels. As Christians, our political convictions are important. But the primary flag we rally behind is not that of a political party, but of the Kingdom of God. We are not ultimately the party of the donkey or the elephant, but the people of the Lamb. Pray that we live up to that holy calling.

We are encouraging the church to join in praying and fasting Monday, November 2, 2020 for the elections taking place. We encourage every believer to exercise your right and privilege to vote using God’s all-sufficient Word as your foundation and the Holy Spirit as your guide. We also encourage you to pray for fellow believers, our nation, the leaders of our land and, most of all, for an awakening to the gospel that will bring healing, righteousness and salvation at every level.