With three biological children, we assumed our family was complete. While we were very familiar with adoption, with two little ones already being a part of our extended family, we had never really considered it directly.   But one morning,  Terry had gone into work early to have his quiet time and was praying for our existing three children.  As he was finishing up he heard God say “you are not done praying for all of your children.”  Terry said he was a little stunned because it was like someone was in the room with him but he said “ yes, I’ve prayed for all three children and called them out by name.” He closed his bible, cut his computer on and saw an email about a little two year old Chinese girl that had just had heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart, and to pray for her forever family.  When her picture popped up, he heard God say “this is your daughter, pray for her.”  He immediately called me to tell me what happened.  God had to really work in my heart for me to consider adoption but he worked in a mighty way and tore the walls down around my heart.  So we proceeded to initiate the process to adopt Melyn, as it was clear, this is what He was calling us to do.  

There were many areas where our faith came into play. We could see God work through the whole process.  Melyn wasn’t even on the adoption registry yet when we saw her picture and picking your own child to adopt in China was not allowed.  The president of our agency, who was Chinese, knew people in China that matched children with families and had her matched with us.  Trusting God through this whole process was very important for us.  Knowing God was in control made the process so much easier.

Of course the process came with things that we never expected to happen such as;

  1. The growing love we had for her even though we had never met her.
  2. Seeing God work through every detail.  Matching her with our family, the doctor that performed her heart surgery had studied and worked here.

It also came with it’s hardships as well;

  1. With the certainty of being called to do this, the long waiting process. The waiting for matching, the waiting for clarity on her health, the waiting for all the required approvals, the waiting to travel, the waiting to hold her. 
  2. The processing and wondering of what our new family would be like

 Adoption is a special gift and for anyone feeling led to do the same thing there are a few things I would share with them. The first thing I always tell people is that Melyn has always been part of our family, it just took us a few years to be together, however adoption isn’t easy.  She was almost four when we finally got to bring her home and she was scared. She was in unfamiliar territory and around people that didn’t look like her.  She didn’t speak English and it was hard to communicate.  While the transition process was challenging for all, it was an incredible blessing and God has and continues to teach us so much about Him, through the journey. God taught us many things through this journey but one thing I really saw him teach us was that our family learned how to love unconditionally because God loved us that way.