It was a Saturday morning before Easter year 2004. I was traveling up 52N to I-40 when I saw a billboard communicating that Calvary was having a early sunrise service for Easter. I thought to myself this would be a nice change since we haven’t been attending church in a while. Melody at that time was in the hospital in Chicago and has been in and out of different hospitals over the last several years. Needless to say, this time of life was very difficult and I was thinking there will be no end to these hospital visits. So later in the day, I called Melody and told her that I am thinking about going to church in the morning at Calvary for Easter. The next morning I was up early and arrived for the early morning service. The music was wonderful and the sermon was really touching. The experience made me feel the love and at home. When Melody got back home from Chicago we began attending church together and have been going to Calvary for the last 15 years.